TLG Advocacy

TLG Advocacy

TLG Advocacy is designed to provide parents with the cost effective assistance of a lay advocate, while at the same time providing the oversight and supervision of a special education attorney at rates comparable to those of other lay-advocates in the community.

Because TLG Advocacy is a service of Tiffany Law Group, P.C., you will not only have the benefit of advocacy services provided by Jennifer Ralph, but also oversight and supervision by Marcy Tiffany provided at no additional cost.

Utilizing TLG Advocacy comes with another major advantage over retaining a lay-advocate who is not affiliated with a law firm:  If a due process hearing is required, you have the option of retaining Tiffany Law Group, P.C. to provide immediate legal representation.  Because Ms. Ralph is both an advocate and a certified paralegal, she is able to remain on your case beyond the advocacy state, which means your due process complaint can be filed without the delay and additional expense associated with retaining an attorney who must learn your case from scratch.

TLG Advocacy Services Include


Obtaining a complete copy of your child’s school and regional center records and showing you how to keep them organized going forward.

Reviewing your child’s records in order to identify areas of need that are not being appropriately addressed, which can lead to identifying violations of the IDEA of which you may not be aware, as well as services available from the regional center that you are not currently accessing.


Advising when you need an independent assessment and helping you to obtain one at the expense of the school district.

Referring you to highly qualified and experienced private assessors who can evaluate your child’s educational needs and make affirmative recommendations on how to address them.


Because attorney fees cannot be recovered by a prevailing parent in a fair hearing against the regional center, TLG Advocacy services can provide you cost effective representation without sacrificing quality.


Reduce the stress of attending IEP and/or IFSP meetings by attending with you and preparing you in advance to assure that all of your concerns are adequately addressed.

Assure that you receive meaningful progress reports on goals and objectives from the school district and service providers

Help develop goals and objectives that are understandable, measurable, and designed to help your child achieve independence.

Help develop an effective behavior support plan.

Help obtain the services your child needs for success, such as reading remediation, a 1:1 aide, etc.