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Jennifer Ralph

Jennifer Ralph is a Paralegal and Advocate.  She assists with intake and consultation of prospective clients, review of records, case analysis, case management, preparation and attendance at IEP’s, mediations, and due process hearings, in addition to the preparation of documents for filing in federal court.  Ms. Ralph has a special focus on obtaining regional center services under the Lanterman Act.

Ms. Ralph, who is the parent of a child with autism, has assisted numerous families in obtaining intensive behavioral intervention programs through various regional centers and school districts in the Los Angeles area.

In 2002 Ms. Ralph made local newspaper headlines by challenging a local regional center’s practice of refusing services to autistic children over age three in violation of the Lanterman Act.

Since 2002, Ms. Ralph has worked as a professional advocate, joining the law firm of Wyner & Tiffany in 2005.  Ms. Ralph also served as President of Los Angeles Families for Effective Autism Treatment (“LA FEAT”), a parent support organization dedicated to helping families obtain research-based educational programs for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder from 2002-03, and as a board member until 2005.